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    Jesus and Mohammad September 23, 2012 HUM/130 - RELIGIONS OF THE WORLD Instructor: THOMAS THIESSEN By Elizabeth Koch Submit a 1,250- to 1,500-word paper in which you compare and contrast the lives of Jesus and Mohammed in relation to each respective religion. Complete the following steps in your paper: • Contrast the way Christians and Muslims view Jesus. • Trace the lives of Jesus and Mohammed historically. • Compare what impact the death of each person

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    Jesus and Mohammed NAME September 2, 2012 The two biggest religions in the world today are Christianity and Islam. These religions have been practiced by billions of people throughout many centuries. God is the central figure for both religions, only difference is that each religion has its own version of how to reach God and live a faithful life through him. Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and that he was immaculately conceived by the Virgin Mary. Eternal life

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    founders, Jesus and Mohammad were leaders of these two very distinct followings and are traced historically, had a huge impact on their religion both in the past and in the present, and were worshiped by many. Their messages are also being carried out through the world in present day, by the followers of each religion. Examining and getting closer to the position in each religion that these key people had is extremely important into understanding each religion in present day. Jesus was born of

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    Jesus and Mohammed 130 November 11, 2012 Chad Schuchmann Jesus and Mohammed In almost all religions there is a person or people that are considered saviors, half-god half-man, or heroes. For example, Hercules from ancient Greek mythology is a hero that is half-god and half man and is the son of Zeus the main Greek god. A lot of them seem to have similar life stories to one another. In this essay I will be discussing as well as comparing and contrasting the lives, deaths, and

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  • Jesus Is

    for Jesus Is _____. “Judah Smith is a unique gift to my generation. In Jesus Is _____ , he will motivate you to let go of your preconceived, limited view of Jesus so you can embrace who He really is in our lives—more real and relevant than we have ever imagined.” —S te v en F u rtick , le a d pa Stor , e le vation c h u rch a n d author oF th e Ne w Yor k T im es beStSeller G r e aTer “Perhaps the most daunting and humbling task we have as Christians is to finish the sentence ‘Jesus is

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    Jesus and Muhammad February 3rd 2008 Jesus and Muhammad Life of Jesus Christ Jesus was born more than over 2000 years ago in the town of Bethlehem in Israel. His mother was known as the Virgin Mary as she was said to have been impregnated by the Holy Spirit. Jesus’ father was Joseph, Mary’s husband however; he was not the father of Jesus. For the first 30 years of his life, he maintained a normal Jewish lifestyle working as a carpenter. Not much is known about Jesus from the time he was

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    Running Head: Jesus and Mohammed Jesus and Mohammed Jesus and Mohammed Monotheistic religions are those religions that believe in only one God. Two monotheist religions are Christianity and Islam. These two religions each came to be due to their respective prophets: Jesus and Mohammed. Although both Christianity and Islam believe in the same God, they each have their different beliefs due to the differences brought on by their prophets. Jesus Christianity

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  • There's Nobody Like Jesus

    "There Is Nobody Like Jesus" Hebrews 1:1-3 Introduction 1. H. G. Wells, the brilliant and noted historian, once listed the ten most famous and most important men of all of history, and he listed Jesus Christ as number one, now at first glance you might think that is marvelous. You might think that he did Jesus a favor. 2. Well I beg to differ, think it was an insult of the highest order. Because Jesus was not just a man among men, he was God among men. There is nobody like

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    Kristofer Atkinson Jesus and Mohammed 1. Jesus was born in 4 BC in Bethlehem whereas; Mohammed was born in 570 A.D. in Mecca. (Let us reason ministries 2011) 2. Jesus’s name has meaning it means God is our savior similar to the meaning of Mohammed’s name which means the praised one. (Let us reason ministries 2011) 3. Jesus had to move to a part of his town that was called Capernaum because he was being rejected from people in his hometown very similar to what Mohammed had to do when he

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    to live our lives as followers of Jesus, and how to organize and run the church. 4. Simple Confession of Faith There are many long and complicated confessions of faith. Whilst we do not necessarily disagree with any of them, we stick to a simple one (Matthew 16:16). Jesus asked the question "Who do you say I am?" To which Peter replied, "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God." 5. Believer's Baptism We believe, the person must make a commitment to Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and

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    Jesus and Mohammed Peter Walkoviak HUM 130 November 11, 2012 Dr. Virginia Merelini Jesus and Mohammed Tracing the life of Jesus he was born in Bethlehem because his parents had to follow the roman rule that you have to return to your home town to complete a census. Jesus and his parents return to Nazareth where he grow up. At the age of twelve he was left behind well his parents did their yearly trip to Jerusalem for Passover. When they returned they found Jesus in a Temple talking to rabbis

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    In order to understand" The Doctrine of Christ we must first understand who is "Jesus Christ". In order to understand who Jesus were, lets look at his life according to the bible. Jesus Christ according to the several authors who wrote the 27 "books" of the New Testament, Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the Savior of the World, and the long awaited Jewish Messiah. He was born in the town of Bethlehem to a woman named Mary. His father was a carpenter named Joseph. Little is known of His

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    account of Jesus Christ and the Prophet Mohammed. It continues by discussing the impact of their deaths had upon their followers and worshippers. A continuation is made by detailing how each figure is worshipped and how their words are kept alive in present times. The Life of Jesus The religion of Christianity has a foundation that is based around the teachings of Jesus Christ of Nazareth whose life story is told in the New Testament in the Bible. Jesus of Nazareth also widely known as Jesus Christ

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    Jesus and Mohammed are two very different historical religious figures but yet despite their differences they did share some similarities. Jesus and Mohammed both played important roles and were highly respected in their religion. They both had important messages that they wanted to be heard and passed on by their followers. Jesus It’s impossible to accurately reconstruct the life of Jesus due to the fact that there are so many versions of his life especially before he began his ministry, however

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    | Jesus and Mohammed | Hum/130 | | | 11/16/2013 | Jesus & Mohammed Jesus and Mohammed have shaped the course of history and the destiny of man for over two millennia. Christianity and Islam are currently the largest religions with a following of 1.8 billion and 1 billion respectively. No other religion in the world comes close to achieving such numbers. These are the only two religions that have a global presence; in other words you will find Muslims and Christians present in

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    2013 BSCE-1 THEO 2 1:00-2:00 TTHS HUMAN SAVIOR IMAGES OF JESUS Jewish Mystic / Spirit Person: One of those figures in human history who had frequent and vivid experiences of the sacred. Jesus, too, was a spirit person, according to the Gospels, he had visions including one at his baptism in which, like Ezekiel, he “saw heaven opened before him and he saw the Spirit coming down on him like a dove”. Jesus also used spiritual practices like fasting and long hours of prayer typical

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    Jesus and Mohammed Cassie Osborn 5/24/2014 HUM/130 Alice Aud Jesus and Mohammed Jesus and Mohammed both represent major figures in the Christianity and Muslim religions respectively. These two religions are completely different but each figure is of equal importance to their respective religions from the way each of their followers pray down to the holidays each celebrate. Jesus is of the Christian religion and Mohammed is of the Islam religion. These two figure are easily the two biggest

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  • Jesus vs Mohammad

    Jesus vs. Mohammad “Compare and Contrast” Introduction The information contained in this document is to depict two highly religious idols, and how they influence many during their ages. Jesus was the center and founder of Christianity, while Mohammed was a great prophet of Islam. Christianity and Islam are the largest religions in the world. They account for over 2 billion of the world’s population. Christianity and Islam also share many things in common, but they differ in other aspects

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    Ron Woodworth Jesus In the film Jesus we follow his path through the world. Throughout the film we learn about the Messianic Prophecies, Jesus’s miracles, his death and resurrection. I believe learning and understanding this topic can help me be successful in my life. Understanding why Jesus was chosen to come to Earth, his miracles, and learning his sacrifices for us will help anyone understand the world we live in. The Messianic Prophecies lets us see who Jesus is and what he wishes

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  • Mr. Mohammed Baziyad

    layer .. for an example the tcp protocol (transport layer) does not care if the transmission was wifi or 3g or dialup (data-link and physical layer) … and this is a problem witch led to a better architecture witch is the cross – layer design with mohammed

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  • Comparison of Views on Jesus as the Messiah

    Christianity, Islam and Judaism Student’s Name University Affiliation CHRISTIANS, MUSLIMS AND JEWS Comparison of Views on Jesus as the Messiah Matters of faith or religions are one of the major issues that form trends globally. The main religions well practiced today include Christianity, Judaism religion and Islam. Roughly, four billion people globally identify themselves within either of the religions. The three religions share so many similarities and differences depending

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    Jesus & Mohammed Paper Catherine A. Johnson HUM/130 Religions of the World September 21, 2014 Roy Shaff Jesus & Mohammed Paper The two most influential men in religious communities and throughout the nation are Jesus and Muhammad. Many individuals are followers of these men for reasons of their own particular beliefs and rituals. Nations have used their words as the foundation of their countries cultures and laws. During the 1st century Jesus’s teachings to the world’s inhabitants were

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    Jesus was the son of God. Jesus Christ came to Earth to live among mankind and to teach and minister to us. Jesus provided mankind with the hope of everlasting life and happiness if only we lived by God’s word. Jesus taught us that life was a gift and through his teachings he was able to show us that God only wants the best for us and if we chose to live by his word we will have this. Jesus was sent to live among mankind by God. He was born to the Virgin Mary and to Joseph a carpenter. God knew

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    Jesus and Muhammad Anthony Ebron 3/1/2009 Trace the lives of Jesus and Muhammad historically. Compare what impact the death of each person had on his respective religion. Describe the ways each individual was/is worshipped. Explain how their messages are being carried out in the world today. Jesus and Muhammad Paper Life of Jesus: There is very little historical proof of the life of Jesus outside of the Bible. What Christians believe about Jesus’ life and teachings is based largely on

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    Jesus and Muhammad HUM/130 Jesus and Muhammad Jesus and Muhammad were both incredibly important prophets during their time who spoke of God and taught about living a good life by doing good deeds. They were born in separate times, but shared the same calling. Each man is known for the roles they played in establishing Islam and Christianity and setting firm roots for each religion. While there are many similarities about each man, there are also many differences in the lives and callings

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    The prophet Jesus pbuh in the holy Qur’an The prophet Jesus pbuh, known as Isa or Isa Ibn Maryam in the holy Qur’an, is considered to be a messenger of god in Islam who came before the prophet Muhammad pbuh and is mentioned in the holy Qur’an on numerous occasions. The verses of the Qur’an regarding Jesus pbuh include stories such as Mary conceiving him whilst still a virgin, the details of his birth, and his talking to the people whilst still in his cradle. Also mentioned is the revelation of the

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    System Analysis Course (30 Hours) Point & Figure Charting Course (25 Hours) Harmonic Trading Course (16 Hours) Trend Course in Technical analysis Basics (2006) By Mr. . Ayman Waked - Cairo.  Course in Technical Analysis Advanced (2008) By Mr. . Mohammed Shaker – Dubai. C. Oracle Certified Associate 9i (OCP Track) Application Developer     Introduction to oracle SQL (OCP). Oracle9i: Program with PL/SQL. Oracle Forums I Oracle Forums II D. Aug 2002 Joined with Basic Business Skills Accession

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    Running Head: JESUS AND MOHAMMED Jesus and Mohammed (Your Name Here) (Your School Here) June 22, 2008 Jesus Christ versus Prophet Mohammad We know of the Christian story of Angel Gabriel announcing to Virgin Mary that she would be God’s mother through an immaculate conception. As understood Jesus Christ was born without human biological father born humbly in a manger in Bethlehem with a foster father Joseph along with Mary. Remarkable signs appeared upon His birth which commenced

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  • Jesus & Mohammed Paper

    Jesus & Mohammed Paper Muhammad was born around 570 CE, and was the author of Muslims Holy Book the Qur’an. His father died before he was born, and when his mother and grandfather died he became a ward of his uncle who made him a shepherd. While on a trip to Syria with his uncle, Muhammad was told by a Christian monk that he was a prophet because of the marks on his body. When he was a young man he managed caravans for a wealthy older woman named Khadijah. She was his strongest supporter,

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    Jesus and Mohammed Lanise A. Middleton HUM/130 11/23/2014 Marc Rhoads Jesus and Mohammed are key figures in Christianity and Islam. They are both to be noted as messengers of God. Jesus founded Christianity and Mohammed was the founder of Islam. Christianity and Islam are two of the world’s largest religions. As leaders of the religions they put many principles in place to live by. Jesus Christ was born 6BC in Bethlehem on December 25th to the Virgin Mary. It is said that Jesus was born through

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  • Jesus and Mohammad

    Jesus and Mohammed Paper Jesus and Mohammed Jesus Christ and Mohammad are two prophets that have changed many individuals’ views on both Christian and also Islamic religion. Both religions originate from the Middle East. Christianity and Islam worshippers obey the Ten Commandments. It is also important for each worshipper of the two religions to love their neighbor as well as forgive one another. Although there are many similarities within the two religions there are also major differences

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  • Jesus and Mohammud

    Jesus and Mohammed are two important figures within their respective religions. Christianity and Islam both have their foundations rooted in each of these individuals. Jesus is a main figure in Christianity, and Mohammed is a main figure in Islam. Although these two individuals have a great impact on their respective religion, their lives were quite different. These individuals led much different lives and their death impacted each of their religions differently. The way each of these individuals

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  • Jesus

    political leaders, scientists, musicians, psychologists, and other walks of life. Dalai Lama became a major descendant in India. His documentary on the Christian gospels, entitled “The Good Heart: A Buddist Perspective on the Teachings of Jesus Christ.” This book discusses the practices and teachings of Buddhism culture. 2 The world

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    Dictionary Project 2 Jesus Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem, in the “City of David. Jesus Crist was circumcised on the “8th day.” Jesus mother name is Mary and his adoptive fathers name is Joseph. Both parents live in the City of Nazareth, Nazareth is a Galilean town within the “territory of Zebulun.” At the age of 12, Jesus began talking to religious teachers. As Jesus grew older his wisdom increased. At the age of 30 Jesus was by baptized by John the baptized. Jesus was led by the Holy Sprite

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    | Jesus and Mohammed | University of Phoenix HUM 130 | | | The destiny of men and women has been shaped by Jesus and Mohammed for a long period of time. Christianity and Islam are currently the largest religions with a following. These are the only two religions that have a global presence; in other words you will find Muslims and Christians present in every territory in the world. Both Jesus and Mohammed have a lot of similarity and differences which is reflected in their

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  • Jesus Christus

    Jesus (/ˈdʒiːzəs/; Greek: Ἰησοῦς Iesous; 7–2 BC to AD 30–33), also referred to as Jesus of Nazareth or Jesus Christ,[e] is the central figure of Christianity, whom the teachings of most Christian denominations hold to be the Son of God. Christianity regards Jesus as the awaited Messiah (or Christ) of the Old Testament,[12] while Islam regards Jesus as a major prophet, second in importance only to Muhammad.[13] Virtually all modern scholars of antiquity agree that Jesus existed historically,[f] and

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    searches everything, even the hidden depths of God's purposes. Acts 20:24 But none of these things move me, neither count I my life dear unto myself, so that I might finish my course with joy, and the ministry, which I have received of the Lord Jesus, to testify the gospel of the grace of God. Hebrew 11: 3, 6 Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear. But without faith it is impossible to

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  • Jesus & Mohamed

    Jesus & Mohammed Brian Smith HUM/130 9/4/10 Lori Silverstein Jesus & Mohammed The lives of Jesus and the Prophet Mohammed are somewhat linked forever. There are those that believe that Jesus is the son of God and that he was born of the Virgin Mary, sent to earth in the form of a man and died for the sins of man. There are those that believe that the Prophet Mohammed was the last prophet of God, a messenger of God and considered to be the founder of the religion of Islam. Regardless

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  • The Historical Jesus

    HISTORICAL JESUS. DATE: MAY, 2016 It is worthy of note that the first four centuries of the life of the Church was nearly marred by the Christological heresies. Argument about the person and work of Jesus Christ. Arguments abound concerning the Historicity of the Christian religion, while many has maintained that Jesus had not intended a development of faith from his teachings, the quest to identify the historical Jesus and differentiate between the Jesus of history and the Jesus of faith is

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  • Jesus and Mohammed

    Assignment: Jesus & Mohammed Paper Jesus and Mohammed have shaped the whole world for hundred upon hundreds of years. Cultures that have followed as well as worshiped these two people have been through wealth, as well as poverty (mostly) war and even some peace. Jesus and Mohammed have very similar aspects, also there are some very different dynamics whoever their story’s can become intertwined both past, present and future. Reviewing such topics such as history including their deaths, how they

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  • Jesus % Mohammad

    way that could bring on negative behaviors in the name of religion. Jesus and Mohammad are known as figures in the Christianity and Muslim religion. The actions and teachings of these two men have been a part of the lives people for over a thousand years. These religions are still practiced today, although these two men, who are very different from each other, have influenced the world of religions. Jesus only lived his into his early thirties but within that short life he left a

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    historical Jesus I found that there are several different opinions about Jesus’ life, from his birth, to where he was between the ages of 12 until he was 30, to his resurrection. I have taken several different opinions of who the real historical Jesus, but first I want to start with the facts. We know that Jesus was born in the time of Herod. This tells us that he had to be born somewhere around 6 BC. It is also known that he visited the temple at age twelve. Little is known about where Jesus was between

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    Jesus and Mohammed HUM130 Jesus and Mohammed Jesus and Mohammed are two of human history's most important figures. Who were these men and why are they so important to religion today? Jesus of Nazareth is the key figure in what is arguably the world's most practiced faith; Christianity. Mohammed is the central figure in what is the world's second largest religion by adherents, Islam. The accounts of the lives of both of these men may be argued for centuries to come. Their exact actions, exact

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  • Mohammed and Jesus

    There has been no greater influence and impact on mankind than in the lives and teachings of Jesus and Muhammad. These two significant leaders were instrumental in establishing the foundations and belief system of two powerful religions, Christianity and Islam, which continue to this day. Christians comprise of 2.1 billion people and Islam has 1.5 billion followers and are the top two religions in the world, about half of the population. ( Islam is the fastest growing religion in

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  • Jesus and Muhammad Paper

    Jesus & Muhammad Paper Jesus & Mohammad Paper Jesus Christ is the largest most accepted religious figure in the world. Jesus Christ is the central figure in Christianity which has over two million followers across the world today. Jesus is widely believed by most Christians to be God incarnate who’s return back to earth for the salvation of man was promised in the old testament. There are many differing views and beliefs about Jesus and his life throughout the world, in different

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  • Jesus and Mohamed Comparative

    religious men in history were Jesus Christ and the prophet Muhammed Al Amin. Both men have qualities and history to compare and contrast throughout their lives connected with their respective religions and followers. The lives of these two men took place at different times in history yet the impact they had in history is monumental. The comparisons between the two are few in relation to the men themselves but the similarities in their beliefs are closer than might appear.   Jesus' life is recalled in the

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  • Jesus and Muhammad

    Jesus and Muhammad Judith Julian Axia College Jesus and Muhammad While many view Christianity and Islam as two totally different religions, their founders lived quite similar lives and each revolutionized their religions in a most profound way. The Prophets, Jesus, and Muhammad, led followers on a path of righteous living and even after death, they continue to influence people’s lives across the world. The following chronicles the birth, lives, ministries, deaths, and the impact each of these

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  • Jesus and Mohammed

    Jesus and Mohammed The two faiths of Christianity and Islam share many similar religious beliefs. The Christian religion worships Jesus, which is the son of God (Messiah). Meanwhile, the Islam religion worships Mohammed who is considered a prophet of God. Both Jesus and Mohammed lived an enhanced spiritual relationship with God throughout their lives. Although, Jesus and Mohammed were born in completely separate eras when Judaism was a prominent religion they had the same effect on the lives of

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  • Jesus or Mohammed

    Jesus & Mohammed There have not been any other men to have influenced our world more than that of Jesus and the Prophet Mohammed. For centuries Nations all over the world has used there teachings as a solid foundation to live by. These two men are responsible for the continuously teaching of their respective religion. In about 6 B. C. in Bethlehem Jesus Christ was born. About 600 years after Jesus Christ was born, in the city of Mecca the great Prophet Muhammad

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  • Jesus and Muhammad

    Jesus and Mohammed Paper Kai Taylor Jesus and Mohammed Paper The lives of Jesus of Nazareth and of the Prophet Mohammed are still being told today. Their life stories and teachings have impacted and inspired many people from all over the world. Jesus and Mohamed are the holiest in their religions right behind God. They were both great leaders of their religions and continue to lead to this day to the faithful. Jesus was said to be born in a mangier in the city of Bethlehem. His birth

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