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stata.com merge — Merge datasets
Remarks and examples


Also see


One-to-one merge on specified key variables merge 1:1 varlist using filename

, options

Many-to-one merge on specified key variables merge m:1 varlist using filename

, options

One-to-many merge on specified key variables merge 1:m varlist using filename

, options

Many-to-many merge on specified key variables merge m:m varlist using filename

, options

One-to-one merge by observation merge 1:1

n using filename


, options



keepusing(varlist) generate(newvar) nogenerate nolabel nonotes update replace noreport force

variables to keep from using data; default is all name of new variable to mark merge results; default is merge do not create merge variable do not copy value-label definitions from using do not copy notes from using update missing values of same-named variables in master with values from using replace all values of same-named variables in master with nonmissing values from using (requires update) do not display match result summary table allow string/numeric variable type mismatch without error


assert(results) keep(results) specify required match results specify which match results to keep


do not sort; dataset already sorted

sorted does not appear in the dialog box.



merge — Merge datasets



Combine datasets


Merge two datasets

Description merge joins corresponding observations from the dataset currently in memory (called the master dataset) with those from filename.dta (called the using dataset), matching on one or more key variables. merge can perform match merges (one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one, and many-tomany), which are often called joins by database…...

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