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‘Heroes’ is a novel about Francis Cassavant and his desire for revenge.
Set in Frenchtown, America, it explores the themes of guilt, love, secrecy and the idea of heroism.
Using a series of flashbacks, Cormier slowly reveals why Francis, an eighteen year old, wants to kill
Larry La Salle a man he once worshipped.

Nicole is a bit of a mystery through the book, more conspicuous through her absence than her presence. This is appropriate because she is more important in what she symbolises to Francis – happiness and innocence – than in their actual relationship.
“our eyes met and a flash of recognition passed between us” (P.9)

Francis creates an unrealistically romantic image of Nicole and of their relationship
When she is first introduced, she appears to him like a saint, while he is ‘like a knight at her feet’. The simile emphasises his worship of her.
Francis sees her as a fantasy figure whereas
Larry sees her in a sexual light

Nicole is beautiful, and becomes a superb dancer through LaSalle’s classes at the Wreck Centre.
Her grace and beauty are destroyed by the rape – like the peace and innocence of the world is shattered by the war.
When Francis sees her at the end of the book she has become
‘brittle’. She is, however, recovering, and it is clear that she will survive, although it is taking a great deal of strength to do so. She has grown up – and is just ‘finding out’ who she really is.

Francis is deeply in love with Nicole and shows devotion and later huge guilt:
“The pale purity of her face reminded me of the statue of St
Therese” (P.9)
“I knelt like a knight at her feet” (P.10)
“My eyes sought Nicole, found her joyous face” (P.48)
“She allowed me an innocent kiss” (P.54)
“Its amazing that the heart makes no noise when it cracks” (P.69)
“I knew I had lost her” (P.94)

She blames Francis for the rape:
“you knew what he was doing, didn’t you?” (P.72)
“I’m not alright” (P.72)
“Just go away” (P.72)

She is a symbolic of love (Francis) and lust (Larry)
Like Francis, she is vulnerable and suffers
She is forever out of reach for Francis
Like Francis, she undergoes a transformation
She is a tragic figure…...

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