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My friends, today is the day we have been fighting for. Today is the day where everything will change. Today is the day that we can finally start making Russia great. Today we can start to rebuild what is left of this great nation. Now that justice has been served, now that we don’t have to put up with the idiocracy of the autocratic leader that was Nicholas ll.

Over the last three hundred years, our country has been led by the corrupted leadership of our autocratic leaders. Because of these leaders our farmers are starving and our cities are cramped with people trying to survive, our people have fallen at the hands of our leader but he still refused to help. On the day January 22nd in 1905, our people performed a peaceful protest asking our “little father” for help as many of them had been fired from their jobs, which was their only source of income. But what did he do, he ordered his military to kill them, his own people that he supposedly loved. Thousands were killed at the doors of the Winter Palace, and Bloody Nicholas didn’t even bat an eyelash out the thought of the innocent dying. Because of Nicholas, thousands lost jobs, workers starved and many died trying to fight for their rights.

Whilst Nicholas ll was ruling, he abused his autocratic power to suit the needs of himself and his family. When it was announced in 1906 that we would finally have a Duma, finally we could have somewhat of a say in what happened to our country, but the Tsar was unsatisfied with both the first and second Duma. When it got to electing to the third Duma, the Tsar made sure that the members would be in favour of his decisions, and this Duma survived five years before it dispersed. Now granted our fourth Duma was definitely the most successful, Nicholas was so obsessed with keeping this autocratic power in place that he didn’t realise what the country actually needed. We needed…...

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