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Your Team Is Only as Good as Your Coach

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The connection between coaches and a team’s cohesion has long been researched. The factors that coaches use in their coaching method and the way that athletes perceive their coach can make or break a winning team. This study examines the connection between a coach’s ability to coach and a team’s cohesiveness.

A Team is Only as Good as Their Coach Numerous researchers have studied the correlation between a coach’s method of coaching and team performance. One of the most notable theoretical models used to investigate coaching behavior is Chelladurai’s Multidemensional Model of Leadership. This model shows the coach’s behavior as viewed from three perspectives: the behavior that is preferred by the athlete, the behavior that is required by the situation and the actual behavior of the coach. It has long been assumed that a team’s performance and satisfaction are a direct result of the coach’s behavior (Carron, Hausenblas & Eys, 2005). Athletes look to coaches that foster friendship, mutual trust heightened respect and interpersonal warmth (Shields, Gardner, Bredemeier & Bostro, 1997).
What is a Coach’s Perfect Behavior? The perfect behavior of a successful coach is a combination of different styles of training, democratic style, autocratic style, social support and positive feedback (Carron, et. Al., 2005). It takes many years to become a perfect coach, it is often wondered if coaches are taught or born into their profession. Just as players come and go and continually get traded, so do coaches. It is often in the news that head or assistant coaches have been fired or are looking for positions for other teams. In the near future, those same coaches are often looking to move once again. The same can be said for a certain amount of players. As not every coach fits into every team, it is more likely than not that it is…...

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