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2. You are being watched

To Daily News
Att: Nate Hastings

I’ve read the article “You are being watched” in the paper Daily news. The topic and the content of the article, made me think a lot, so I decided to write this letter, with my opinion on this topic. It kind of surprised me, that so many CCTV cameras were estimated in Britain. Four million is a lot of cameras! As I continued my reading, I came across all the pros and cons about the cameras.
Surveillance in stores and public places makes completely sense to me. If stores didn’t have cameras, I think there would be a higher risk of stealing. Mostly because there wouldn’t be any credible evidence, that he or she actually stole this thing. The stealer could in theory just contradict, if someone had seen the person steal the object. I don’t think an eyewitness would be proof enough, in something as harmless, as an unarmed shoplifting.
Assault and blatant or armed stealing are on the other hand, situations where an eyewitness maybe could be trustworthy. Here is surveillance at public places also a really good thing. If someone got assaulted, the cameras could help you identify the assailant. In that way it helps the police fighting crime. I think it makes a lot of people feel safe, when they socialize in public places. Because when there are cameras everywhere, you don’t want to do something illegal, because you know you are being watched. I’m sure we all once in our lifetime have spotted a surveillance camera and got a little but nervous. Kind of like the feeling you get when you see a police car, while you’re driving. I can’t stop thinking about if I’m doing something wrong. If I’m having a bag with me in a store, and I look at something I have in the bag, I always get nervous if they think it’s something I stole. It stops a lot of people from doing illegal things, because they are…...

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