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An accomplished Facilities Manager that was responsible for the care of 6 mentally ill clients and the supervision of 4 supporting staff members. Responsibilities included scheduling, ensuring best practices and compliance with all federal, state and agency standards as required per the facility. I promoted the professional and personal development of all staff employees. In addition, I formulated community collaborations to create community support of individuals with disabilities.


➢ Implement strategies to assist client’s interactive and social development skills, to achieve independence in the care of themselves and the maintenance and upkeep of their living quarters while preparing them for interaction with the general society at large. ➢ Solid management skills and demonstrated abilities to lead and mentor individuals to maximize levels of productivity, while forming a winning team that exceeds the requirements of regulatory agencies and the expectations of clients. ➢ Analytical thinker that consistently resolves ongoing issues whether it is with staff or clients, to ensure a smooth working organization and on-going teamwork, staff member to staff member across the organization. ➢ Possess expertise and certifications for the professional administering of required client medications.


SKILLS: NCI, CPR and First Aid, Certified…...

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