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Courtney Wilson
Phy3300 Wednesday Advanced labs
Cloud Chamber

Today in class we made cloud chambers. Cloud chambers are inexpensive apparatuses used to detected and visually see the path that some or these particles take when passing through the atmosphere. Also, if you have the right tools you can see how certain objects create and alter the path of alpha particles. We began the class by creating our own Cloud Chambers. The way cloud chambers work is simple. Cloud Chambers were used to detect ionization particles. Cloud Chambers are sealed environments with super saturated liquid such as water or alcohol. The liquid is allowed to vaporize in the chamber. This vapor forms a mist in the sealed chamber. Any cosmic particle, such as a alpha or beta particle, ionizes the mist and forms a ionized nuclei. This nuclei form causes the mist to condense around it and form a cloud. For our chambers we used donated peanut butter jars that were cleaned out. These jars had felt stickers placed along the inside of the jar at the bottom and also on the top ¼ of the jars. These jars did not have the standard plastic lid. Those the lids were replaced with mason jar lids. The tops of the mason jars were also covered with felt as well. We also had Styrofoam molds shaped to fit the top of the peanut mason jars. Next Dr. He, our professor and supervisor, got dry ice and crushed it. We had a few sheets of tin foil. The last thing we got was either 100% or 200% alcohol. We began making our cloud chambers by cleaning out the mason jars and drying the insides. Afterwards Dr. He filled the jars with the alcohol to a level he felt would be necessary to make the chambers with. We gyrated the jars and allowed the felt insides to become saturated with the alcohol. Upon completed the saturation of the felt, we placed the foil over the lids and molded it to fit over the cover and top…...

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