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Year 7
Information Technology
Assessment Three

Name: _______________________ Due Date: ____________

Your Task: Create a Power Point Presentation that informs your Grand Parents about how useful the Internet and World Wide Web is and How to stay safe online.

Grand Parents are curious both about learning new things but more IMPORTANTLY about what you do at school so you will need to put a lot of detail into your presentation. You will need to imbed a video into your presentation of no less than 45 seconds. (Use your laptop to record your video and then email it to the PCs) so that you can place it into your Power Point.

You will need to have at least 15 slides that include a Cover Page and a Conclusion.

What you need to hand in:
Your Planning Sheet
Handwritten Script for your Video – 45 seconds is a long time
Emailed Power Point presentation by the Due Date

Subjects you could explore When and Where the Internet was developed? Why (initially) the Internet was developed? Definitions, World Wide Web, Internet, Online Advantages of the Digital Age
Disadvantages of the Digital Age
Why you have a computer you need to bring to school
What is Social Media
How to stay safe Online

Planning Sheets

In the boxes below, do not write the entire content of the slide, words that relate to your research, for example in Slide 5 – You could suggest words and phrases from your research that relate to the advantages of the Digital Age. Slide 1 | Slide 2 | Slide 3 | Slide 4 | Slide 5 | Slide 6 | Slide 7 | Slide 8 | Slide 9 | Slide 10 | Slide 11 | Slide 12 | Slide 13 | Slide 14 |

Draft Script of your Video
Make sure this is Neat


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