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Title: Wynn Resort

Executive Summary

Wynn resorts, Ltd. is a premium destination world-class casinos and resorts owned and managed by Steve Wynn. It also owns and operates the Wynn Las Vegas, a casino resort that is located at 3131 Las Vegas Blvd. South, The Strip, Las Vegas, Nevada and a casino resort located in the Macau special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China.

Problem Identified

1. The expansion in China and Macau has the right to take control of the Wynn resort in the year 2017 which would be devastating to the company and would drastically reduce the company profit and Wynn Resort should be able to make a good strategy in which it’s not.

2. Maintaining the competitive advantage of Wynn Resort over it’s competitors despite the increasing number of international and domestic competitors.

Alternative Courses of Action

1. Focusing on high end customers is not just the main goal of the company but also should cater to people that belong to the middle class or middle market gamblers

2. Excellent customer service should be observed since it would be able to make the company boost their reputation and consistency in terms of customer satisfaction.

3. It would be better to lower their cost or price in order the middle class customers to gamble more often in their casino.

4. There should be a unique offering of amenities and facilities in the casino and hotel which would give them a stand out compared to other competitors, something like a trademark item or facility in which it couldn’t be copied or duplicated.

5. Regarding about the Macau, Wynn Resort, considering the number that the company holds one out of four lincenses in Macau,I assume that Wynn Resort would be able to terminate the reserves of the Chinese government to take over their property by 2017 if only they would be able to raise…...

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