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“Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”- Millions who were present, experienced it… The world that saw, was struck with awe… The universe, felt it… While, Nature, bedazzled in its grandeur… This was the World Culture Festival… Words would never suffice to explain the magic, the mystic, the divinity, the spirituality, the abundance of love and the gathering of souls from all across the globe… Each one of us who experienced and lived the three days of the WCF was mystified… It was one of those historical events, where you had to be there to believe tour eyes… Since, whatever happened during those mystical three days was beyond imagination… One big stage over 7 acres, more than 3.5 million people from almost 155 countries, Prime Minister of India, Chief Ministers of various states, Ministers, Foreign Dignitaries, Saints from all cultures and religions were gathered just to witness the festival of Art, Culture and People under the sky… And what they witnessed and experienced was truly unforgettable, unbelievable and mesmerizing… I am blessed that I was fortunate enough to be a part of it, that I could witness the magic and carry memories with me… It felt that the stars have come down on earth and are illuminating the world stage… No words to express… But, as they say that the world is filled with people who have nothing better to but to criticize… Yes, as we all know, there was hue and out cry, criticism and agitation against the WCF… People who can’t bear to see anything good happening were the first to jump in shouting that this event will destroy the Yamunaji( of course Yamunaji, as the Rivers are scared to us…)flood plains (the same flood plains, where the Akshardham temple is situated, the CWG village is located and hundreds of illegal buildings are constructed… They very conveniently turn a blind eye to all this)… The event will pollute the Yamuna River ( like seriously… you morons have been allowing thousands of liters of industrial waste, sewage and what not to flow into Yamunaji for years… Guess all this didn’t pollute it…) And to remind all the nature care takers, if they have selective amnesia, that it was Guruji’s initiative to clean Yamunaji- Meri Yamuna, Meri Dilli that was started with the aim of cleaning the sacred river… Also, those limelight hoggers might wanna go and see for themselves how clean the area is within a few days of the event… Guruji, AOL, we the millions of followers, the volunteers and the believers, we all practice what we preach… My suggestion to the Rana Ayyubs, Nikhil Wagles, and other media persons who were trying to grab their bit of fame bt creating a controversy is that please go and report on issues that really need to be voiced… No damage was caused to the flood plains, no harm was done to the eco-system and the aquatic life, no stampede, no chaos, no disturbance to daily life, no garbage, no pollution to the river- nothing happened… ( OMG… This did shut the mouth of the shutterbugs….) All that happened was a memorable event- a gathering of people of all faiths, beliefs and cultures, an extravaganza of divinity and a splendor of Art & Culture… The Pm of UK, David Cameron has invited Guruji to speak to the House of Commons… Only because they appreciate the selfless service that he has been doing… I feel sad when people from other nations applaud and praise the efforts that Guruji and AOL have been taking for the society, but people in our own country criticize and oppose…. Why can’t we simply say Good as Good… Is it that difficult??? My opinion is that if someone is doing something good, something worthwhile, why don’t we forget our differences and come together to make this world a beautiful place… With all the obstacles, hurdles, criticism, WCF was a huge success ( with the blessings of Guruji and the great efforts of AOL volunteers )… It was an event that brought together people from all around the world… As Guruji says “ When the heart speaks and the heart listens, harmony if produced…” That’s exactly what the world experienced at WCF- Harmony… Thanks to Guruji that I got to witness this miracle on earth… Would like to share a few memories from those mystical days….…...

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