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ESLW 310 At Home ESSAY TWO Spring 2011 Prof. Thomas

For Essay Two, you will write a full essay with an introduction, body, and conclusion. The type of essay is cause/effect, so you will need to organize your analysis to show the cause and effect connections carefully. Write a well-developed essay, with at least three good body paragraphs. These essays must be typed. Be sure to answer the question completely and stay on topic. Check carefully for grammar errors before you turn it in for a grade. *NOTE: Do not plagiarize (use the words and ideas of others) and do not get help to "make it perfect".

PROMPT: California’s economy is in very bad condition, with an imbalance of over $25 billion dollars. The government will have to consider both cutting spending and raising income by taxes. One of the many cuts is the community college budget, and our own district & college are going to lose millions of dollars no matter what. One of the many ways to increase income is to raise tuition fees (currently they are $26/unit for residents and $234/unit for non-residents & international students. Proposals range from $36/unit to (in the worst case) $66/unit.

TOPIC: What are the most important effects of a tuition fee increase? In other words, if Los Rios college tuition increases, what effects will this have? Explain the cause-effect connections to show HOW these effects will happen.

In this essay, first consider the many different types of effects before you choose which ones to write about. Effects can be positive or negative; it is up to you to decide which kind of effects you want to discuss, and show how these effects could happen, to whom, and why they are important enough to write about.

You will do this essay in several steps (ALL of them after the first one MUST BE TYPED):

Thursday 3/3 The Outline Use the outline…...

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