Woolworths Sustainability Evaluation

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Assessment 3.1 Social and Environmental Component
Evaluation of Woolworths Limited’s Corporate Responsibility Report

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1.0 Executive Summary 3
2.0 Stakeholders outline 6
3.0 Sustainability assessment: 10
3.1 Social 10
3.2 Environmental 12
4.0 Bottom of the Pyramid Market Engagement: 15
5.0 United Nations Global Compact Principles (UNGC): 16
6.0 Social & Environmental Issues 17
7.0 Recommendations 21
8.0 Conclusion 23
9.0 Appendix 25
10.0 References 36

1.0 Executive Summary
This report contains an evaluation of the sustainability of Woolworths Limited’s 2015 Corporate Responsibility report. To identify how effectively Woolworths managed stakeholders, we briefly outlined them and applied the ‘Freeman’ model. We also categorized them using the ‘Fassin’ model to identify stakeholders, stakewatchers and stakekeepers. As a large corporation, Woolworths prioritises it’s engagement with stakeholders that contribute to the economic bottom-line. Large investment into suppliers at each stage of the supply-chain coupled with the company’s capability to consistently purchase large quantities of inventory results in strong relationships with suppliers. Woolworths is effectively able to demand, achieve and maintain very low prices. This significantly reduces the cost of the final offering to customers. Highly competitive prices as well as a strong market presence maximises sales revenue, which benefits shareholders and pays the wages of employees from the Australian and New Zealand labour market. Woolworths employ over 270,000 workers from this labour market, a large portion of which, come from a range of different backgrounds…...

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