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Women and the Minorities in Law Enforcement Response

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cCheckpoint: Women and the Minorities in Law Enforcement Response In earlier times, women were pretty much compared to African-American men and minorities. Women needed much higher qualifications than the white men did to become police officers. Becoming a police officer was always looked at as a masculine job and was looked down on if a woman wanted to become a police officer; women never had the right to do what men did. So if a woman did end up getting the job they had limited duties, they were not permitted to advance beyond certain ranks and were rarely considered for special assignments unless their race was viewed as helpful for particular types of cases. Women police officers have helped police agencies across the world in a few ways. Sometimes there may be specific cases where a person would rather speak to a female officer than a male officer, they feel more comfortable telling a women officer what happened to them, or they feel safer. There are just many ways a women police officer can help out, men can help out too, but we need women in policing agencies these days. The employment of ethnic minorities along with women has greatly increased over the years, along with laws and different statistics. In the beginning it was hard for women and other ethnic minorities to become employed with a police department there were the obvious obstacles they have always faced with not meeting “requirements” to be employed. With time this has changed along with the other obvious changes in the world allowing for women and minorities to be accepted into the police force. There are law enforcement agencies throughout the states and across the world, that now employ a greater number of minorities for their area; this is great because if you are living in a place where the minorities dominate the population people respond to those whom are most like…...

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