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4 May 2016
Freed Black and White Women in Liberia
In 1822 the American Colonization Society(ACS), emigrated freed black slaves to Liberia located in West Africa, however, during this time the indigenous had already been living there (Brown, Education in Liberia, 46). Unfortunately, there is not much information on women in the colonization. “Scholars have written surprisingly little on the role of women in the movement. The few historians who have studied women in the colonization movement have examined the rise and decline of female support in the South” (Younger, Philadelphia Ladies Liberia School Association and the Rise and Decline of Northern Female Colonization Support, 237). To fully understand the social aspect of how women were affected in Liberia I will examine the Mississippi women’s colonial experience in Liberia as well as education during the American Colonization particularly in Philadelphia including influential female colonists, the history of the Philadelphia Ladies’ Liberia School Association, and the reasons colonization flourished and failed in Philadelphia.
According to Thomas Jefferson in 1787 he believed “Blacks would never achieve full equality in the United States,” Black women in the South were seen as these controlling images or stereotypes that it is natural for women to experience racism, sexism, and poverty. White people saw them as sexually immoral, hypersexual, hyper fertile, or too masculine. Marcus Wood implied women were expected to portray these virtues of piety, purity, submissiveness to men, and domesticity and since freed black slave women did not depict these characteristics they were seen as a threat to Southern white women (Wood, Blind Memory and Visual Representations of Slavery in England and America, 156).
Education began in 1822 after the colonization. “The first…...

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