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Salah satu keinginan yang diperjuangkan oleh gerakan perempuan adalah bertambahnya pemimpin perempuan, terbukanya kesempatan bagi perempuan untuk mengambil bagian dalam pengambilan keputusan, yang selama ini pimpinan atau manajer hampir selalu didominasi oleh laki-­‐ laki. Perempuan memang mempunyai peluang untuk memegang peran melihat jumlahnya yang cukup besar yang bila diikuti dengan kualitas dan kemampuan, akan menjadi suatu potensi pembangunan yang kuat. Namun pada kenyataanya, perempuan masih selalu dianggap sebagai orang kedua (subordinat) dari berbagai bidang. Sementara seorang pemimpin dikatakan baik dan berhasil manakala mampu mengambil keputusan yang rasional dan bijaksana, tanpa melihat gender.

Yukl (1998) mengemukakan bahwa pengambilan keputusan berhubungan erat dengan gaya dan tekhnik kepemimpinan. Pengambilan keputusan dapat dianggap sebagai suatu hasil atau keluaran dari proses mental atau kognitif yang membawa pada pemilihan suatu jalur tindakan di antara beberapa alternatif yang tersedia. Setiap proses pengambilan keputusan selalu menghasilkan satu pilihan final. Keluarannya bisa berupa suatu tindakan (aksi) atau…...

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...in terms of educations; drive women to become more politically active and more informed how to exercise their legal rights. What I found fascinating there are societies and cultures that limit career opportunities for women to what they believe are socially acceptable occupations. Empowering woman would allow them the ability to choose their own career paths, and this empowerment has far reaching effects on the economic. Some regions of the world often reinforce the traditional roles for woman and deny woman equal participant in society. The Fourth World Committee believes empowering women’s participation in decision making improves family’s welfare. Empowered educated women tend to have healthier families; so granting women their empowerment goes beyond the reproductive roles that some countries slant for women. Despite success in empowering women, issues still exist in all areas of life; they range from cultural bias, political discrimination and fear of lost economics. Women in developing countries work more hours than men and are paid far less. Women in Muslim countries deal with cultural religion that takes precedence as law. Women in this region don’t make decision on size of family, when the family should be started or the ability to fulfill their aspirations outside the house without the approval of their husbands or father. If you’re a suppose of equality like I am think about this – women in Muslim region need permission to travel and requesting loans. ......

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...the analysis of network-formation, organization and the actions of female entrepreneurs − and the ensuing results on a higher political level − we may be able to explain the conflicts surrounding the development of special policies aimed at “female” enterprise. Expected outcomes and results On a short-term basis, we may contribute to new knowledge of the conditions of entrepreneurship, from a political and historical perspective. Within what political frameworks and structures do female entrepreneurs act, and what obstacles do they encounter? On a long-term basis we aspire to identify discriminating structures and institutional frameworks within political organizations, decision-making areas and the 6 mass-media. Our claim is that the combined studies of gender, media, policy-making and decision-making processes will reveal further structures and conditions with implications for female entrepreneurship. Through the highlighting and analysis of female participation in political processes we hope to improve future conditions for female entrepreneurs. Research design The project will make use of quantitative as well as qualitative sources and methods, including interviews, organizational protocols and minutes, state investigations, material from political parties and newspaper material. Most of the project will be conducted in 2009−2010. Project participants Associate Professor Eva Blomberg, Södertörn University College. Tel: +46 70 650 81 88 Mail:......

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