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I believe that Wal-Mart does represent the trouble with American Capitalism today. It seems today that all people care about getting the best and newest innovations at the cheapest prices. Most of the products in Wal-Mart though come from outside imports from cheap factories in countries such as China and Mexico. The problem with buying products from Wal-Mart is that the factories that these products come from are made in dangerous conditions, for very cheap labor. Wal-Mart in fact is a supercenter which puts many other small American companies out of business. In fact, the products that are produced from Wal-Mart are often found to be dangerous because many factories that the products are made in have little safety regulations so the product that they sell can often be very harmful. This just shows how corrupt American capitalism has become because it does not matter to the consumer that Wal-Mart is running America by producing harmful product in factories that have little safety regulations for their workers. Purchasing products from Wal-Mart is a clear example of how American consumers do not care for the future of their economy but the amount of money they save on the product. Americans don’t ever ask why they are saving so much money on a product because they rather just ignore that they are supporting a supercenter such as Wal-Mart in destroying the future of American Economy. As American consumers we ignore the fact that Wal-Mart is corrupt because they provide us with low prices but, in fact it ruins us all as a country in the end. While American consumers continue to support the supercenter that is Wal-Mart, they ruin future jobs that are destroyed by the extreme variety of products that Wal-Mart provides. Many can argue that Wal-Mart is increasing the amount of jobs in America because they continually hire people to work at their…...

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