Will Human Life on Earth Come to an End?

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Will Human Life on Earth Come to an End?

In 1993 science‐fiction writer Kim Stanley Robinson published Red Mars, the first of his
Mars trilogy. Red Mars is set in the year 2026. At the beginning of the novel, the spacecraft
Ares departs. Aboard the Ares, the space colonists are bound for Mars.
The voyage to Mars is portentous. On Earth, corporations are coming to dominate global governance. Nation states still fly their flags, but they owe their allegiance to the transnational corporations. The “trans‐nats,” as the transnational corporations are called, are the real agents of the global economy. They have the power and ability to extract natural resources from the earth. The increasing competition among trans‐nats and growing human population means more and more resources are being removed. This situation threatens the feasibility of life on the planet.
Robinson played out this idea over the course of three books. By the end of Red Mars, a world war has erupted on Earth. The second book in the trilogy, Green Mars, documents the terraforming of the red planet. (Terraforming is a science‐fiction term for adapting another planet or moon into a planet that can sustain life in the same way Earth can. This process involves creating an appropriate biosphere, atmosphere, and surface topography on the new celestial body.) The third book in the trilogy, Blue Mars, picks up at the stage when the terraforming has allowed for water to exist on Mars. Life on Mars is now truly possible. By the end of the book series, humanity has acquired the skills and technology to spread its civilization throughout the solar system.
Robinson is an American writer. The Mars trilogy is his best‐known work. Robinson is also an…...

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