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Why the Apple Watch Is Not Worth Buying

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Guides1orSubmit my paper for analysis apple watch displayApple has continually been the company able to astonish and amaze. Its previous CEO and guru Steve Jobs was a genius of marketing; when he was alive, Apple kept surprising its customers year after year. However, recently Apple started to remind of an old lady who tries to act young; some of its products seem to be useless trinkets rather than practical and revolutionary. This unflattering remark refers to Apple Watch – one of Apple’s most recent gadgets; although Apple fans are already drooling over it, there is, in fact, no reason why someone should pay large sums for this product.

There is nothing special about the Apple Watch. Among the most important features developers (and marketers) emphasize is the ability to show notifications when your phone’s screen is locked; incoming text analysis – the watch screens emails and other incoming information and suggests reply options; quick voice messaging and customizable emojis; a heap of fitness functions, such as the measurement of heart rate, a workout organizer, and so on; Siri is traditionally on board, as well as Maps (Mashable).

But is all this really so outstanding? The notification function simply moves the vibration from your pocket to your wrist when the phone is off. Stick your iPhone to your hand with a duct tape, and you will get a similar experience. The text analysis system, subjectively, is one of the most controversial and least needed functions. Where is the guarantee that it will always work correctly? Even though it suggests possible reply options, you will still have to read through them to check whether the reply is accurate; it does not save much time. And if you decide to not double-check, and simply send the message right away, just imagine yourself replying to your boss’ message with something like, “Sorry, sweetheart, I have a…...

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