Why Public School Choose the Specific Uniforms.

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Title--- Why public school choose the specific uniforms.
Introductory sentence---‘’-White Tops, Grey Bottoms ‘’ by Bev Akerman (published in Maclean’s on March 07,2005, p.57)
Summary----In Quebec, public school give more importance their students about the school uniforms. School administration forces their students for particular brand and colour uniforms. Why they selected specific colour and particular brand, because uniforms store help the High school funding.
Critique-----I agree with the author’s points, because he has personal experience about his children’s school uniforms. Some parents agree the school uniforms; it’s avoiding the daily arguments for their children un-descent dress-up. But parents hope, school uniforms should be chose descent. Why, school board chose the white tops and grey bottoms, they can change their mind. They chose the uniforms long bottoms and loose tops, that’s look like a descent dress. School board chose their uniforms particular brand, because uniform stores help the High school funding. Adult person can chose their appropriate school uniforms, they have a responsibly for our society.
Conclusion—why school board choose their uniforms specific colour and sizes. Author’s explained, how can make the trouble about short grey bottoms. Parents want to see their daughters’ descent dress-up. School uniforms should not show over focuses more than education. Parents sent their children in the school for first prefer education and less other then. Public school education systems build our children open religions minded, social worker and social economic groups who will handled our society in…...

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