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Why and How Have Some Socialists Advocated Revolution over Reform

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Plan: Why have some socialist’s advocated revolution rather than reform? (15)
Some socialists, namely fundamental socialists, have advocated the need for revolution, a forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favour of a new system. Whilst, 19th century socialists in particular advocated revolution because there were no other alternative methods of bringing about socialism. By contrast, the decision for reform refers to gradual, incremental change, brought about peacefully through the current process of the vote.
In favour of Revolution * The working class, in particular, have favoured revolution over reform as the state has become an agent of oppression, which continues to act in the best interests of the ‘bourgeoisie’ or ‘elitist’ groupings (owners of capital). Thus it must be removed, by the use of force. * It promises to bring about complete transformation of society. * The working class (proletariat) have very limited means of political influence – no means of the vote, trade unionism membership isn’t permitted and have no political parties that work promote their particular interests. * The state must be removed entirely; stateless society must be brought about through violence. The state will not remove itself. * Industrialism; the stark injustice – which creates a desperate underclass of people. Thus, the removal of capitalism, replaced by the construction of a new state, would enable the collective state interests to be achieved. * Revolution; class consciousness and the collective spirit are essential – replaced with state collectivism.
Therefore, there is no alternative but to overthrow the bourgeois state through a revolution because reform will not solve the fundamental problem of the oppressive Bourgeois state.
Closest example to a revolutionary…...

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