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Someone Killed Change, Whodunit ?
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Someone Killed Change, Whodunit ?
The book Who Killed Change? Written by Blanchard, Britt, Hoekstra, and Zigarmi (2009) is a Colombo style whodunit with a cigar smoking detective named Agent McNally. The ACME Corporation has experienced a murder. Someone has killed Change. Change represents Change Management. As Agent McNally investigates the “crime scene”, he is searching for the responsible party/parties behind the failed change efforts at ACME. Agent McNally comes up with a list of thirteen suspects. Each of the suspects represent a key attribute that is a necessary part of the change process in an organization. (Blanchard, Britt, Hoekstra & Zigarmi, 2009, pp. 3-5) These suspects double as organizational qualities depicted in an entertaining way and represent a different dimension of the organization. For example, Victoria Vision is short-sighted and wears rose tinted glasses. Clair Communication has Laryngitis. Change cannot survive without proper communication. The names and descriptions of the suspects are most often far from what they should be; it is quite ironic.
This book shows the distinct forces that sabotage nearly every change effort. We get to know each character, their organizational role, their relationships and expectations. The authors paint a vivid picture as he acquaints us with the character roles played by the leadership team. We are able to see clearly how each one works to either manage or kill change. At the end of each chapter, Agent McNally shares his notes and insights. This helps the reader to understand each character from a neutral perspective and brings out the little details involved in organizational change.
The leaders in an organization need to be aware that each area of an organization has to work together for change to succeed. Change…...

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