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Which Character Is Represented the Most for Being Dominant; M or Bond?

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Which character is represented the most for being dominant; M or Bond?

M is represented as a strong and dominant character. Throughout the film, Skyfall, M is presented as the Head of the Foreign Intelligence Wing of the MI6 (Secret Intelligence Service). Usually, males are stereotypically known to have higher and more well paid jobs than women, so this subverts the stereotype. Older people are usually stereotyped for being dependent on other people, whereas M subverts this stereotype. For example, she says: "Take the damn shot!" to Moneypenny. When she says this, she doesn't ask for reassurance and the rest of the team in MI6 looks at M for guidance. This subverts the stereotype as she has authority over other members of the team, and still showing dominance over the males in MI6. M is represented more as a dominant female character as she isn't sexualised because she is an older female in comparison to Bond's love interest, Severine.

Bond is represented as a stereotypical masculine character. Throughout the film, he is a spy agent that catches most wanted villains. The film is mainly focused around James Bond catching the villain, so Bond is a heavily dominant character in comparison to M. During the mansion scene, Bond also tells M to leave the mansion to then go somewhere safe. This shows that because she is an older woman she is weaker and can't help Bond. M also has guidance and help from Bond's older friend, showing that M's dominance is slowly going and Bond is taking over instead. Near to the end of the film, M is dying and Bond catches her is his arms, representing the stereotypical masculinity of a male character. This would link to Vladimir Propp's theory as Bond is represented as the hero trying to save M, whereas M is shown weaker and a 'damsel in distress'.

In conclusion, Bond is represented the most for being more dominant as M is positioned merely to be decorative foils for Bond's masculinity. Even though M is represented as a dominant character at the start of the film, her dominance slowly goes and is then overpowered by Bond.…...

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