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All in all we have learned that English 13 tackles with different ways of writing paragraphs and essays with the guidance of our teacher. We learned that to make an effective paragraph you have to make a point, support the point, organizing and connecting the evidence.
We also learned that the different types of paragraphs whether it is exemplification, narration, descriptive, process, cause & effect, compare/contrast definition paragraph or division/classification and how to make it in our own. We also have learned that in writing and developing an essay you need to formulate your introduction, grabber, thesis statement, summary sentence and conclusion.
With all of these activities you guide us ma’am in how to make and improve writing our paragraphs and essays.

First and foremost, we would like to thank to our supervisor of this project, Miss Jennifer Chiongson, for the valuable guidance and advice. She inspired us greatly to work in this project. Her willingness to motivate us contributed tremendously to our project. We also would like to thank her for giving us her time, patience to give us knowledge in what English 13 is all about. Besides, we would like to thank the authority of Ateneo de Davao University (AdDU) for providing us with a good environment and facilities to complete this project. We would also like to thank God for guiding us to goodness and giving us the opportunity to live without complications.

Finally, an honorable mention goes to our families and friends for their understandings and supports on us in completing this project. Without helps of the particular that mentioned above, we would face many difficulties while doing this.

In this assignment we ask to list down three topics for our thesis statement ant out of these statements at the back we ask to write three topics each. We have learn in this activity is to formulate or make our own thesis statement and suppl them with a topics. We learn many things in this activity about how to make and develop and improve our thesis statement.

In this paper we are tested about what we have learned in the different kinds of paragraph (exemplification, narration, descriptive, process, cause & effect, compare/contrast definition paragraph and division/classification). In this grading period our classmate including us are reporting our assign topic. That’s why we are challenge to understand all of this. This topic is quit easy but you should also bring your mind in it.

In this assignment we ask to write a classification or division paragraph. Our teacher gives us two topics these are about our professor in college or clothes in our closet to help and guide us in writing the paragraph. By this activity we learn to make a classification and division paragraph also with the guidance of our professor in English 13.

This activity is all about making thesis statement and this time formulate a paragraph out of the three topics from the said statement. We are asking to write three topic sentences and supply it with details. This activity is something hard because you think about many things from your topic to complete this task.

I. Prelim
I.1 ----------------------------------------------------------- Jay’s Activity Reflection
I.2 ---------------------------------------------------------- Earl’s Activity Reflection
I.3 --------------------------------------------------------- Ralph’s Activity Reflection
I.4 -------------------------------------------------------- Micah’s Activity Reflection

II. Midterm
II.1 ---------------------------------------------------------- Making Topic Sentences
II.2 ----------------------------------------------- Making Exemplification Paragraph
II.3 --------------------------------------------- Making Cause and Effect Paragraph
II.4 --------------------------- Paragraph Making in Celebrating Christmas Seasons

III. Finals
III.2 --------------------------------------------- Midterm Periodical Exam Reflection
III.3 ------------------------------------ Making Classification and Division Paragraph
III.1 --------------------------------------------------------- Making Thesis Statements
III.4 -------------------------- Making Topic Sentence out of the Thesis Statements…...

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