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29 January 2016

Where I live: Sicily!

Sicily is the largest island of the Mediterranean Sea. Some people refer to it as the “rock that the boot is kicking”. It is separated from Reggio Calabria by the Strait of Messina. The bridge connecting Reggio Calabria to Sicily is still a dream even though they have been promising this bridge for over 20 years. They have started construction, and it is impossible to say when or if it will ever be completed.
Unfortunately organized crime exists here in Sicily, you won’t actually see it because it has become that subtle. The mafia continues to exercise its negative influence on Sicily and beyond. Most of the businesses such as shops, hotels and restaurants are forced to pay the “pizzo”, that means protection money. This extortion keeps the Sicilian people relatively poor among the Italian regions. Also you will find political corruption, the theft of public money and taxes. Yet there are business owners willing to fight against extortion. With the special protection of police and virulent public support, a growing number of business owners are operating with no mafia influence. Although the mafia has deep roots in and around Sicily, this island still has an abundance of things to offer. The Mediterranean climate with abundant sunshine, balanced rainfall, fertile soils, all create the perfect conditions for quality agriculture. The main products in Sicily are citrus fruits, olives, almonds and grapes. Wine plays a very important part of Sicily’s economy. The four major cities here in Sicily are Palermo, Catania, Messina and Syracuse; all four cities are important trade centers. The coast is a resort for foreign tourists. Places like Taormina, Acireale and Aci Castello in the summer are all packed with people from all over the world, here to…...

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