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Where is the End of Suffering?
The latest social uproar occurred after the Republican Party tweeted remembrance of “Rosa Parks bold stand and her role in ending racism.” People all over America were puzzled as to how the Republican party could possibly believe that racism is over and accused the party of trying too hard to appeal to African American voters. The message the Republicans distributed only shows how the government continues to undermine the on-going mistreatment of African Americans. Racism has no sight of ending because for centuries the economic and social gaps between African Americans and Caucasians have steadily increased, and it will be impossible to close if we depend solely on time to fix it. Other races have received reparations for what they went through, but for some unknown reason African Americans were expected to get over their trauma because a couple of laws were passed to free them from state recognized slavery. Silence needs to be broken against racism in order to open the government’s eyes to the continuous discrimination faced by African Americans daily, in addition to the centuries of torture. Jews in Europe were victimized by Nazi Germany for a small fraction of the amount of time blacks suffered and Germany paid both the individuals and the state. Enslaved Africans, on the other hand, had slavery “abolished,” and were allowed to buy stale pieces of land in order to make crops to sell and use that money to pay back their white oppressors. The government expects people to believe that racism ended, but they see nothing wrong with Caucasians getting paid for unfair treatment that only lasted twelve years when African Americans were abused for nearly three centuries and counting and received nothing.
The U.S. government is currently settling a lawsuit with Native American tribes, which entails spending $2 billion on 10 million…...

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