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Dad has a new job, which means a new area, a new house and worst of all, a new school. Sadly I finished unpacking yesterday so I'm going to school today, why can't I stay home again?
"Scarlet! Come down or you'll miss breakfast!" My mum calls from downstairs; I take one more look at my choice of outfit before going to the kitchen and eating my breakfast.
"Where's dad?" I look up at my mum to see her over happy face, how can she be so happy about this?
"He's gone to work; a different job means a different schedule." I don't question anymore as I finish my food, kiss my mum and little sister and run out the door.

I get to school and head to the principal’s office, the woman at the desk lets me in and the principal stares me down.
"Welcome Scarlet, here is you new class schedule, I have also assigned a buddy to help you get around the school." Before I know what's happening I'm out the office and facing a boy a little taller than me.
"Hey." Man I'm awkward around new people, he doesn't look up as he whispers a small hello and walks off. I run after him and silently follow into a class room, he sits down and I get the feeling he doesn't like me. Too bad, the only open seat is next to him, I walk over and the teacher starts talking about random stuff. As the teachers going on and on I decide its best to at least have my 'buddy' half like me, so I write a note and slide it over to him, luckily he has a look and writes back.
Me: what's your name?
Him: Ben, yours?
Me: Scarlet.
Him: like red.
Me: yeah, call me red if you want.
Him: really? Cool, hey red.
Me: hey Ben. Have I done anything wrong or offended you in any way?
Him: no, why?
Me: you looked like you didn't want to know me back there.
Him: well, I thought you wouldn’t want to know me. I'm not really Mr popular.
Me: who wants Mr popular? I want an awesome friend. I think you might be it :)

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