What's so Good About a College Education?

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College will play a huge part in my life just next year. And, of course, I believe I know it’s worth and that the valuable education I will receive will only further my chances of getting my dream career and lifestyle. If someone were to ask me about college, I wouldn’t respond with the typical “Can Opener” answer. It’s much more than just getting money. I also agree that comparing college to a can opener is almost idiotic, especially if you were to dig deeper and see that there’s more to a college education than meets the eye, which cannot be said about a can opener. While a college education helps in getting a job, it also goes beyond and above in furthering our experience and knowledge of the world around us.

I wholly agree with the author of the article, clearly stating that college does not only affect our working lives, but every single aspect of our life, as we gain the skills to appreciate the little things more. We see things that other people can’t. That is truly invaluable to me, having the knowledge to look past the surface meaning and understand the hidden messages threaded throughout stories and movies.

A college education is not a can opener. A college education is the stepping-stone through a variety of opportunities, like our author had stated multiple times. With college there’s obvious advances in science and technology, and basically even the future of our country. Employers trust us more as the college experience builds our character and outlook on certain things. I find this article magnificent, as it justifies my wants to pursue a college education even…...

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