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What Is My Role in Managing the Contract?

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What Is My Role in Managing the Contract?
Introduction Introduction
Approximate Length: 1 hour 45 minutes Welcome to the What Is My Role in Managing the Contract? lesson. Upon completion of the lesson you will be able to answer these questions: What Is the COR's Role in Contract Administration? Why Should the COR Talk with the KO? What Makes Up a Contract? What Else Might I Encounter When Dealing with a Contract? Print Version For a printer friendly version of this lesson, select the icon on the left. To print a single page, select the 'Print' button at the top of the screen.
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Review the lesson learning objectives. Recognize the basic information (period of performance, Performance Work Statement (PWS), contract value) found in a contract to include the uniform contract format. Identify methods of tracking contract obligations using Accounting Classification Requirements Number (ACRNS) and Contract Line Item Numbers (CLINs) in a contract. Recognize the COR’s role in tracking the contract schedule. Analyze contract schedule compliance, to include all Statement of Work (SOW) requirements and Contract Deliverable Requirements List (CDRL) deliverables.

What Is My Role in Managing the Contract?
Introduction Know Your Contract
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What Is My Role in Managing the Contract?
What Is the CORs Role in Contract Administration? CORs Role in Contract Administration
The contract administration process is admittedly complex, time consuming, and detail driven. The government is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of proper contract administration in ensuring the maximum return on our contract dollars; thus, we see a renewed interest in the role of the Contracting…...

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