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What Holds Modern Companies Together

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What Holds Modern Companies Together? * Some ideas for your discussion include how might each of the four cultures identified in the article affect your daily job? Can you disregard culture when interacting with your employees? I determined that my company was “networked” organization. Relationship was strong among our coworkers. They seemed like family. And even they know each other’s family. Our company was informality. Almost half of workers related to other workers. So we can be more flexible in term of how we manage our employees. * What if you disagree with the culture and think it should change? It is difficult to defy their organizational culture. Employees should adapt to their internal culture. * What if you and your supervisor have a “culture clash”, what will you do? Conflict will occur in any organization, but managers should take steps to minimize its effects. Offer seminars to your employees on cultural differences and how to overcome them. Employees who become more accepting and knowledgeable about other cultures will recognize and resolve cultural conflict on their own.
I am trying to understand its origins. Maybe it comes from different styles of working. Different cultural norms can lead one employee to think another is being impolite when he's really following the norms of his own culture. According to the article, there are useful steps to increase sociability: * Promote the sharing of ideas, interests, and emotions by recruiting compatible people – people who naturally seem likely to become friends. * Increase social interaction among employees by arranging casual gatherings inside and outside the office, such as parties, excursions, and book club. * Reduce formality amongst employees. * Limit hierarchical differences. * Act like a friend yourself, and set example for geniality and kindness by…...

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