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Assignment 2.2 - What Color Is Your Day?

Clients will not have the same values, beliefs, and goals that you do regarding health and wellness. To illustrate these differences, assign a color to each day of the week. Take time to consider what color you think best represents each day and be able to justify your thought process. We will share our colors with the class and see where there are similarities and differences.

Example: “I think Monday is best represented by the color gray. I assigned this color because Monday is the beginning of the school week and so it is rather gloomy because I still have the whole week ahead of me.”
|Day |What color represents the day? |Why did you select that color? |
|Monday | |I think my Monday is best represented by the color orange. Most people do not like |
| | |Mondays because it’s just the beginning of the week and their fun weekend has ended, |
| |Orange |however, I use this as an opportunity to motivate my clients with my enthusiasm and |
| | |spunk. |
|Tuesday | |I think my Tuesday is best represented by pink because pink stands for appreciation, |
| |Pink |sympathy and love, so I make Tuesday Customer appreciation day. |
|Wednesday | |My Wednesdays are best represented by the color gray because as many think of this as|
| |Gray |a gloomy color I look at the…...

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 The story is taking place in Sussex, England. It’s a rich area in the UK. You can almost sense it’s a rich environment because the school is a giant mansion, with swimming pool. That isn’t common for a boarding school. Charles family is rich too, since they can afford it. I assume Charles is an only child because the parents are sending him to that boarding school. The parent’s ambitions for the son aren’t what you would call normal. The headmaster of the school says that Charles attendance will be an investment for his parents. Most parents would see their son at a school that he or she likes, and not the other way around. Charles is maybe 6 -10 years old, since he’s attending to a preparatory school. He is very nervous. It’s seen when he sits in the car. He doesn’t want to eat his chocolate and read his comics. He’s silent through out the visit and he just follows the adults around the hallways. The most strong signal that Charles doesn’t want to attend to the school is when (and i assume) an echo is running through his head with the voice of the boy that said he would mash him next term. The headmaster and his wife isn’t described with words or thoughts of the characters but of what I’ve read i assume that the headmaster and his wife is a bit snobbish, likeable and stylish people. The title reflects the story. I suspect that the reason it’s called “the Happiest Days of your Life” and not “The Happiest Days of my Life”......

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