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What Are the Risks and Benefits of Expanding the Disney Brand in New Ways?

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Disney Case Study 1) What does Disney do best to connect with its core consumers?

Interestingly Disney’s core customers have changed during the company’s history. During the 1980s, Disney started marketing to the elderly as well. But more importantly, this company has over the years used emerging technology to improve guest satisfaction through a progressively richer media and entertainment experience. Disney has succeeded over the years by constantly changing its parts, themes of new movies while still making available nostalgic characters to remind an entire generation of the multimedia they grew up with. Walt Disney studios, parks and resorts, Disney consumer products, media network’s and interactive media make up the 5 segments of the Disney market. Each of these segments have a diverse age range as well as different tastes in Disney characters and their personalities as brought to light by the park staff, Voice (over actors and all the cast of the various movies and shows that Walt Disney and the great creative minds that the company as attracted into its work force. Disney targets secondary guests also. These are people who have any influence in the buyer’s decision to buy or not buy to see a movie or not to see a movie. The impression the store or employee has on this secondary guest can lead to repeat business. Essentially Disney views any purchasing process from approach to sale to service as an opportunity to put on another show and wow the guest who frankly has many places they could find a similar product or service.

Disney concentrated on customers comprising of children, families and adults. From 1980s, it adopted strategy to reach older audience. Now its market consists of all ages, cultures.
Today, it is one of the leading diversified international entertainment company which comprises of five segments: The Walt Disney Studios, Parks and…...

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