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Professional Roles & Values Project
Heather Cantrell
Western Governors University

Nursing has evolved over the years to entail more than just caring for another person. The nursing profession encompasses regulatory agencies, professional organizations, theories, values, traits and a code. The following outlines some of what it means to be a nurse. A. Functional Differences
The Board of Registered Nurses is an entity set up to protect the public from nurses and to regulate the practice of registered nurses. It protects the public by: setting educational standards for RN’s, approving nursing programs, evaluating license applications, issuing and renewing licenses, issuing certificates, taking disciplinary action when needed and managing intervention programs. The BRN assists me by keeping me accountable to the pledge I made as an RN to adhere to my scope of practice and maintaining my continuing education units (BRN, 2016). Professional Nursing Organizations, like the American Nursing Association, act as a voice of a nurse to the public and government. The ANA promotes the rights of nurse’s in the workplace, projects a positive view of nursing and lobbies the congress and other health care industries on behalf of nurses. My membership with the ANA personally is a resource to me for workplace issues that come up and ethical concerns I may have. The ANA offers continuing education units in the form of conferences, seminars and articles. I benefit from the ANA by having comradery with other nurses in the profession (ANA, 2015). B. Nursing Code Examples
One day I was taking care of an 89 year old female, Elsie. Elsie had been admitted for sepsis. She had two decubitus ulcers, one on her coccyx and one on her sacrum, along with being treated for pneumonia. Elsie had a history of dementia and was nonverbal except for an occasional “yes”. Elsies daughter…...

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