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Weidenhammer outlines 8 best practices for creating a RFP that is effective and productive. These steps are:
1. Selecting software is a business decision, not an IT issue.
2. Get input upfront from key people.
3. Narrow the playing field.
4. Create reasonable expectations.
5. Don’t make your budget a mystery.
6. Identify all pricing upfront.
7. Determine vendors’ implementation process for proper planning.
8. Maximize the relationship with your software supplier.
The RFP that I found was from the Michigan Work! Association. They were asking for proposals on a rolling 3 year training program. It was unclear whether bids had to be for one year or all three years. There was some evidence that bids could be submitted for a single year or up to the total 3 years. Specific dates were set for the submission of proposals for each separate year.
It is difficult to determine if all of Weidenhammer’s best practices were followed. Some of them would take place behind the scenes, such as getting input from key people. However, it is clear that they did not list a budget or even a price range for the proposals they wished to receive. They did ask for very detailed outline of all costs, including cost of living increases for the consecutive years.
In most cases the RFP seemed to follow Weidenhammer’s best practices except for not giving a firm budget. They asked for specific information on and were realistic in the things they wanted included. They stated what factors would disqualify a proposal, and offered a points program that outlined the importance they placed on certain sections of the project.
The only real improvement I could see would be to include a budget or at least a price range that would be acceptable to them.…...

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