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Week 9 Economics

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A New House - Decision
Tonya L. Pugh
May 6, 2012
Frederick C. Runge, MBA, PMP

Growing up all I ever dreamed of was one day to get married to the perfect man, have two perfect little children, and to own my own perfect little house. I did not follow that order when getting these things; however, at thirty six years old I do have it. I am a wife, and no man is perfect I have learned. I am a mother to three beautiful and healthy children, an eighteen year old daughter and twins (girl and boy) who are nine. The house, which is perfect for us in its own right, is coming now, after a lot of hard work and sweat, not to mention a lot of planning and decision making. Locating a house in an area we want to live in is the easiest part of looking for our new home. My husband and I have chosen to stay in the area we are currently living in and renting a home. Everyone here is close and we all look out for one another. My parents are not far, so they can get our children from school and watch them until we get home from work. The local elementary and middle school is within walking distance from the houses we are looking at, as well as the local hospital, fire and police departments, church and local health clinic. Before we move any further in buying our home we need to sit down and make a list of the pros and cons for buying and renting. This is now the biggest decision we are facing in our lives and what we decided will affect us for a long time to come. We need to make sure we consider all of our options and make the best choice for our family for this day and the future.


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