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Anto social behaviour:
Damage: Groups of youths can cause criminal damage for their own entertainment, this happens when they become bored on the streets because they have nothing to do.
Graffiti: This is described as art by some people, but some graffiti can be very offensive, sexist and even racist and can hurt a lot of people or make them angry.
Violence: An act of aggression or intimidation in order to make someone fear you and your friends The British Crime Survey suggests burglairies in homes in England and Wales rose 14% in 2010 – 2011 compared to the last year. It also suggests that 60% of adults ages 16 or over has risen over the past year. Peoples perception of crime is changed by what is seen on the news and what is read in the newspapers. The media can make something small look major and this is why people think that criminal activity is on the rise.

Fear of crime: Some people may fear crime as they have already been a victim of crime and they feel isolated. If they have been a victim of crime in the past, they will always feel vulnerable and this could make them change the way they live their lives, for example not going out after dark. Crime has lots of effects on the victims and their lifestyles, from feeling vulnerable when they’re alone, to afraid of losing their jobs bevause they are too scared to leave the house.

Cost of crime:

The cost of a case to go to court is £10,000 a day, there is also the cost of supporting the victims of crime, making sure they will be able to cope with a court case after everything they have been through. Crime also has an effect on the economy as it costs the hospitals time and money as they are the ones who have to help the victims of crime when they have been attacked, or are psychologically…...

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