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The War against Television Life in North American is now divided into sleeping, working and watching TV. North America is a TV culture in which the make believe stories projected from a small box become what define us. TV reflects as well as shapes our cultural expectations and norms. TV has brought about revolution in many, if not all areas of life, no one can say that their work, family life, leisure time, and school are not in some way influenced by television. TV, its values, moral messages and the lifestyle it promotes all have a serious, negative impact upon children.
Watching television is one of the ways many people choose to unwind after a hard day’s work. While television is a major source of entertainment the content the things that are displayed including violence and adult content in television can have negative effects on the viewers. Many children end up watching television even before they start school and so television has a huge impact on their impressionable minds. “Even infants and toddlers watch around two hours of television per day”(Levine). For kids under the age of six the time spent in front of the television is also around two hours while kids and teens tend to spend as much as four hours in front of the television.
The violence depicted on television has a major effect on children. “On an average, American children witness around 200,000 acts of violence in television by the time they turn 18”(Odec). This makes them less sensitive and increases their aggressiveness since this television violence is often portrayed to be fun and acceptable. Children, particularly girls, are much more likely than adults to be portrayed as victims of violence on TV, and this can make them more afraid of the world around them Some of the most violent TV shows are children's cartoons, in which violence is portrayed as humorous and realistic consequences of…...

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