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Week 2 (2-8Mar) | Read: * Chapter 5 – Hardware: Input & Output – all Sections in Using Information Technology textbook. * Chapter 6, Sections 6.2, 6.3, 6.4 - Communications, Networks and Safeguards in Using Information Technology textbook. * OLI – Unit 2, Understanding the Computer System UnitDo: 1. Participate in the Week 2 Discussion Conference 2. OLI – Unit 2, Quizzes for 2 Modules and the final Unit quiz | 1. Discussion Conference Participation 2. OLI Unit 2 – Module 2 “Components of the Computer System Unit Module” (2 pt module quiz) 3. OLI Unit 2 Module 3 “Peripherals Module” (2 pt module quiz) 4. OLI Unit 2 “Understanding the Computer System Unit” (3 pt Unit quiz) 5. No late submissions accepted | (8Mar) | | | | |

The system unit houses the main internal electronic components of the system or device: Component | Description | Motherboard (system board) | A thin, flat piece of circuit board, usually green or gold, that directly or indirectly connects all other components and peripherals. | Memory module | Consists of electronic components that store instructions, data, and the results. | Processor slot(s) | A slot on the motherboard used to install processor chips. | Processor chip (central processing unit, or CPU) | Interprets and carries out the basic instructions that operate a PC. The CPU contains a control unit (CU) and an arithmetic logic unit (ALU). | Adapter card slot(s) or expansion card slot(s) | One or more slots on the motherboard used to install an adapter card. | Adapter card (expansion card) | A circuit board that enhances the functions of a component of the system unit and/or provides a connection to a peripheral. | Internal drive bay | A bay in the chassis used to install internal devices such as hard drives. | Hard drive | An electronic component used to store instructions, programs,…...

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