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Football’s Secret Language The difference between the classified groups as jocks, nerds, bandies, gangs, clubs, preps, and the gamers are they all have their own type of lingo. Not all people can fit into their groups so they find it annoying when other people using their lingo. There all tons of types of languages. Many people that don’t participate in sports may not know that there is a language in sports. In sports, they use codes and certain sayings that have meanings the other team doesn’t understand. They use the codes so they can communicate a plan they want to do without giving the other team a hint what they are about to do. It can be either a saying or a hand signal. I’m not familiar with all the languages in sports but quite familiar in the game of football. I’ve been playing football since I was 6 years old. The language has changed every time I moved up to a higher level. We get older so they expect us to be able to learn them easier and have to make it harder for the opposing team. When I played pee wee football everything was simple. It had to be that way, because we were so young and it would make it easy for us to know what we are doing out on the field. We only had one major code in pee wee and it was called “special”, when the coach yelled that out we did this play that we thought would get us a touchdown. Once I moved up into junior high football, it started to get a little more difficult. Both the offense and defense were completely different. We had to learn how line up in one play and shift into another play on the same down. The quarterback would yell shift after everyone was already lined up then we would have to go line up in a different spot to run a different play. The reason teams shift into a play is so they can confuse the other team or they know the play they called isn’t going to…...

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