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“Wake up! Rohan! You are getting late to Office!” shouted Rohan’s Mother as the clock ticked nine. Rohan had been working till late last night and had slept around 3AM. As he woke up, he could not believe he had gulped nine cups of coffee to stay awake and trigger his grey cells.
There was a big task in hand and Rohan looked forward for an exciting day ahead.
Rohan was a fresh graduate from college and had joined ITC Limited in the FMCG Marketing function. ITC was amongst the largest organizations in India and was known for its approach and success in marketing. Rohan had aspired from day one to join ITC and it was a dream come true, thanks to his innovative approach to marketing which appealed to the selectors. Rohan joined the Engage Brand team which was responsible for marketing of its flagship deodorant range, specially targeted towards youth in India.
Engage has been a great success story. With its unique brand proposition, Engage had appealed to young consumers and had risen in very short time to become No. 2 deodorant brand in the market. An in-depth study had revealed that deodorant consumers were very flirtatious and always looked out for new news. Consumer base would often switch between brands depending on new/ unique offerings coming in the market. Hence, Innovation in this category was imperative. Looking at his skills, Rohan was given a task to come up with possible innovation ideas for Engage Deo which will help the brand to break the clutter and fuel its growth to become No. 1 brand in the category. Rohan knew that innovation could not be limited to product or packaging and in order to achieve these objectives, he first had to answer below questions for ‘Engage’:
a. How is the deodorant category in India? Who are the competitors and how have they innovated and created a space for themselves? Who are the consumers?…...

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