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Journal of Civil Engineering (IEB), 32 (1) (2004) 35-45

Fire hazard categorization and risk assessment for Dhaka city in GIS framework
Md. Jobair B. Alam and George N. Baroi1
Department of Civil Engineering Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh
Received in final revised form 13 December 2003

Abstract Occurrence of fire incidences is a common phenomenon in Dhaka city, particularly in dry season. Fire break out in slums, garment factories and small manufacturing industries are regular news item during the season. Fire break outs cause loss of numerous lives and valuable properties in the city as well as other metropolitan areas of the country. With the increase of industrial establishments, mainly small industries, the number of fire incidences is increasing rapidly. Although there are a couple of fire stations in Dhaka City, an integrated framework of fire hazard management is non-existent. Such a framework, combined with information and communication system, has the potential to alleviate the damages and sufferings of the people. Also 'Fire hazard categorization' is vital for emergency planning in order to minimize loss of lives and property. Geocoded records of fire incidences and their characteristics help in understanding the spatial distribution of fire susceptibility and vulnerability as well as assist in the 'Allocation' and 'Mobilization' of dynamic resources. This paper presents an assessment of risk of fire hazards in Dhaka City in GIS framework in order to develop a methodology to generate fire hazard categories and risk mapping. It also examines the methodology for site selection for fire stations in a given region for effective management of dynamic resources. The area under Dhaka City Corporation (DCC) is categorized into different fire hazard zones according to the frequency of fire incidence. Tejgaon,…...

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