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Vpn Performance

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July 26th, 2015
VPN performance is vital to ones company or organization simply because of the increasing demand of the application running within a VPN tunnels. The VPN tunnel performance dictates effectiveness and efficiency between a branch office and a headquarter office. When the VPN performance comes down, it will then bring down the whole effectiveness of that branch office.
IP connectivity between the branch and the HQ office is normally the major factor that will impact VPN performance. If a company depends on a single ISP, then there is a high risk factor with VPN performance. If there is any type of fluctuation with the single ISP link in regards to available throughput, connectivity issues will create VPN performance problems.
A great way to eliminate this high risk is to leverage several ISP links and intelligently combine them to increase the VPN performance both in terms of sheer speed as well as reliability (Atkin, 2015). Using broadband bonding routers at both offices will create an overlay-bonded tunnel between offices. This allows VPN traffic to be transferred over all the available links at the same time and improve PVN performance.
There is a bunch of other ways to maximize the potential of your VPN. Some include:
• Choosing the fastest gateway
• Reducing connection time
• Maintaining a stable connection
• Tweaking your settings
With a proper gateway, you will need to know if you need low-latency or high throughput. These two go hand-in-hand but this is not necessarily always the case.
In regards to connection time, selecting a smaller authentication key size will help in establishing up your connection faster. Not all VPN’s may allow you to select the key size. Faster Internet and a faster CPU will lower your connection time. Normally it is a bad idea to run the VPN on your router as…...

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