Violence in Society

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Violence in Society

In today's society, cruelty and violent themes are everywhere. Avoiding something that contains even the smallest bit of these would be almost impossible because of the fact it is so widespread. It is everywhere. Not only is cruelty and violence seen in popular culture such as movies, music, and television but unexpectedly in biblical stories and fairy tales. Even nursery rhymes and lullabies contain images of cruelty and violence. Many believe that prolonged exposure to such harsh themes can cause not only desensitization to violence and cruelty but ultimately duplication. Biblical stories tell of Jesus being staked to a cross. Lullaby’s told of a fictional character falling off a wall and breaking apart. Though perhaps mildly cruel and violent compared to the dramatic portrayals of violence seen in movies and television shows, it still exists. I believe that if properly conveyed, the distinction is minimal among the two. Neither should have an affect significant enough to affect the child or adolescents life if the proper explanation is given. Every religious parent wants their child to have a fully developed grasp of their religious basis and background. Providing this for ones child would be impossible without an explanation of past events that clarify the how and why things are the way they are today. Although they can be harsh and scary to a child, the stories and graphic depictions are essential to a complete understanding of their religion. For example, comprehending the fact that Jesus was brutally murdered and staked to a cross would not make a child oblivious to violence but thankful to the sacrifice that was made for them or their sins. No child would try to stake their worst playground enemy to anything because they understand that what happened to…...

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