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CONTENTS 1. Is It Possible? 2. Can "Little" Sins Be Conquered? 3. God's Love Never Faileth 4. How Sin Is Overcome 5. None Can Imitate Christ 6. How to Enter In 7. Buried With Christ 8. Surrender All to Christ 9. Real Victory and False --Real Victory and Its Counterfeit 10. This Life Is a Gift 11. Not Sinless Perfection 1 12. The Perils of This Life -- Some of the Perils That Beset a Life of Holiness and How They May Be Met and Conquered 13. Other Perils 14. "Highest" Criticism 15. Days of Heaven on Earth


Most men hesitate to speak of their own spiritual experiences. They are deterred by the fear of making "self" too prominent, or are ashamed to confess how much practical unbelief and half-hearted allegiance to their Lord exist in their lives.

The writer of this book knows his own unworthiness; but he humbly believes that he also knows something of the worthiness of an All-sufficient Savior.

The manner in which this knowledge came -- through an apparently trivial incident -- is itself remarkable.

The immediate result was a joy which no bridling could restrain. But whenever this Victorious Life was spoken of, requests were made for "something in print." After much pressure from many directions, and with much hesitation on the part of the writer, he ventured to put down his reflections.

These appeared in the columns of THE LIFE OF FAITH, through the kindness of the Editor.

They are here republished with practically no alterations. These chapters show the pathway by which one seeking soul found its way from "life" to "life more abundant."

They endeavor to reveal the helps and the hindrances which a seeker after the Victorious…...

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