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Critical Evaluation Essay Outline

This is the structure most typical. Read various reviews and articles and evaluations found through research to determine the structure that best fits your own subject. All of the points here need to be addressed, but there are variations in order.


* Present the Subject. Write a paragraph introducing the subject to the reader by 1) Over-viewing the “big-picture” of your subject, its influence on people, why it’s important to evaluate, and 2) Establish the evaluative criteria you will be using to prove your thesis. 1. The Inclusion of Students with Special Education Needs Post Primary Guidelines (DES, 2007) is a document outlining the requirements that must be met by Irish teachers in relation to special needs students. Incorporating special needs learning within post primary schools is a national and international development that has progressed hugely in recent years. The recent notable increase of diverse learners enrolling in mainstream schools means that set guidelines must be enforced around Irish schools to ensure that each and every student with special needs receives their best opportunity at full time education. These guidelines act as a template for not only teachers, but for parents and special needs assistants alike, as it advocates a whole-school approach to policy development and implementation. This approach enables the management and teachers of a school to work within a co- ordinated strategic structure and to contribute effectively to the running of appropriate education for these special needs students. 2. Therefore, this manuscript acts as a pivotal document in Irish schooling and can be used as a foundational source for any possible future challenges the department of education and skills may face. It essentially acts as a responsibility for Irish teachers to abide by doing so.…...

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