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It all started when I was watching tv, A vampire movie actually. My brother was sitting next to me so he was so scared and he asked me what happens when a vampire makes a women fall in love with him, I told him I think that he might turn her into his slave, when I said that he got so scared that that might happen to our mother so he went crying and screaming I am not surprised actually he is 6 years old, my Sister she is 17 years old she spent the whole day talking on the phone doesn’t do any homework so the school called my mother. We where all grounded for what we did.
The problem was that we had plans we where going out I was going to the concert and she was going out to have a sleepover with her friends so we had to do something to make sure that mum isn’t at home so we can go, She asked us why are we so sad I told her that we want to go buy stuff from the super market that was the plan to find a guy that can go out with her, we kept looking but we didn’t find anyone so she asked us if we were finished my sister said no we have to get icecream so when we rushed her and she accidentally hit a guy with the shopping bike or whatever they kept talking like half an hour then he finally asked her out and she said one night wouldn’t hurt, So we all were going out from the super market and Michale the guy that my mom is going out with left my brother was chasing his toy and he saw Michale changing into a bat, He also heard a man saying I am the vampire hunter the vampire is in the supermarket and he just left I am going after him, My brother told us we did not believe him because we wanted to go so badly that we forget every thing and treated him bas so he had to do something, But he remembered what I told him so He had to call a vampire hunter so he called and it went directly into voice note I explained every thing and I gave him my adress. The night came and Michale was waiting for mum so she we went up and told her that he is here she was so frightened that she might ruoin everything but we comforted her she asked about Alden my 6 year old brother I told her that he is sleeping and he wished her a goodnight kiss when they went off to eat, My brother got his bike ready and went straight to mum we where so scared that he might ruoin everything so we had to go after him, when we arrived we asked him what was the problem he told us that Michale is a vampire and blablabla so, I told him he is not he said than prove it so I told my sister I got this she told me you better not ruoin it, we went in my mum told us what are guys doing her, I said:When Aledn watched with me the movie he got scared and thought that Michale is a vampire so I wanted to prove that he is not and we are going to make Michaled do the spone test if the spone didn’t hang on his nose he is going to explode in tiny little pieces, It was a trick there is nothing called that so it all went perfect and when we where going out of the resturant when there was a miror on the door and I saw mum sitting alone I looked back Michale was there then into the miror he wasn’t Alden was right he is a vampire but we turned Alden back home with his babysiter and I told my sister we have to go back and I told her every thing she didn’t believe but she had to so we went back, they went out to dancing we followed them,While we where doing that The vampire came and Alden oppened the door you didn’t see that coming, Our babysiter falls in love with him this is actually kind of funny so it turned out that what we where looking for was also the vampire hunter goal, he told him that they where going dancing so he said: I’m going to deal with this problem. He told him: do you promise that you’ll bring my mum safe, He looked at Alden and smilled and said : I PROMISE.
So,there was that famous place that people go dancing in it’s name was “THIS IS MY DANCE FLOOR” it’s the most famous place in Manhaten, An intersting fact that my mum is the best singer out there her voice is amazing!!!!, My mum and Michale arrived then we stopped and went to the back door I told Terisa my sister to stay outside then when I entered I told a guy to ask her to dance while Michale was getting something to drink for the both of them, So when the guy went to ask her Michale came and she told him That this guy asked her to dance if he had anyproblem with that? He said no But it hink he is just about to leave and then Michale mad a weird I contact with him and then he asked do you really want to dance with her said no I have children then he just disapperd,So my plan kind of did not work so there was a band playing I told them that my mum has an amazing voice and he wants her to song then they said okay and they said on the mic: Sandy would you like to sing something for us today. That was mum’s name She said that she does not want to then they all started shouting sandy Sandy Sandy then she said okay and she started singing a song named “Maybe”, And then I told the securty guard that This guy Michale was bothring me and my mum following us the whole day He asked: Is you’r mother Sandy I said yes but why? He replyed I’d do anything for her she has an amazing voice.He gatherd some guards and kicked Michale out the problem was that my sister was out then she ran and hided behind the wall, he fall on our bikes and they got broken then he banded them with his hand more My sister was looking he saw her then she got her head down, he started walking on the wall like spider man Now she believes me. Then he takes mum and go to his house to make her his slave or something, there was another problem the vampire came late we saw him and he asked us and we told him what happened and he said his going to help us, We all followed him and mum what turned a surprise that they didn’t go to the house the you went to a town festival, we knew we had to go to his house first to throw his cabben to the water to let him die, Then we went and started moving his cabben then they came, so we thought that mum is at home but it was to late he already turned her I into his slave, Then the vampire hunter said: if she truly love him there is no way that the spell can be broken but if she had to choose between him and her children and she chooses her children the speel will be broken, then he started saying weird things “se mo ka te mo ka fo ka leh ka ma lo” then she just fainted we ran all towards her then Michale or I could say the Evil Vampire Just started laughing we didn’t why he was laughing then he said: I guess she loved me more… we all started crying then she waked up and huged us so tightly, the I looked at him and said: I GUESS NOT then the sun raised and it was so sharp he died. But wait a second how did this happen We did not finish drowning the Cabben Then Aledn appeared He was there the whole time, It was an amazing experience, I really love The vampire hunter who he turns out his name is Sam like me, he is really kind.…...

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