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Explain how a utilitarian might use the hedonic calculus in making moral decisions.


Utilitarianism is an ethical theory, introduced by Bentham, in guiding people on how to make moral decisions, based on the outcome of your actions. Does the action that you are going to do, bring pleasure to the majority of people? This is the whole basis of utilitarianism. The hedonic calculus is a part of the decision making process in utilitarianism, it is a guide with 7 measures, which help the utilitarian make a moral decision. This essay will look at the ethical issue of death penalty and how a utilitarian will use the hedonic calculus in making a moral decision.

1st paragraph
Death penalty * What is it? * Controversial debate * Talk about how modern society compensation, people want pay back for the loss * Many are in favour some aren’t believe life is valuable

2nd paragraph

* A terrorist * Death penalty favourable great happiness * Looking at the hedonic calculus 7 measures how they fit in category? Benefit society how? * Summarise back to the question yes utilitarian then see its good moral decision say it’s good considering all views
3rd paragraph
Counter argument * However, doesn’t look at the minority? * How can utilitarian use the hedonic calculus to make a decision? It doesn’t look what else can happen from the action u do. More death threats for the country etc. * Subjective * Summarise back to question

4th paragraph * How can u use the calculator? * Immeasurable * Summarise


In conclusion, a Unitarian will go through the criteria in the hedonic caucus to see if the death penalty is compatible to the criteria and if it will bring a majority of happiness in society. It can be easily applied to many moral issues but some issues can arise from using the…...

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