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Use of Games in the Elt Classroom

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Essay #6 – The challenges of teaching ELT in early childhood

It is widely known that English is one of the most predominant languages around the world. For this reason, the demand for learning such language has increased over the last years. In addition, many parents decided to raise their young children bilingually. Nevertheless, teaching kindergarten kids in no at all an easy job. In other words, it can very challenging for there are many factors that instructors need to take into account in order to help learning to take place.

To begin with, the most difficult obstacle faced by teachers is how to keep young learners not only focused but also motivated. For many kindergarten children, sitting still for a set period of time, concentrating on a task and paying full attention to the teacher can be a struggle. This is due to the fact that their attention span is quite short. Hence, in order to overcome such obstacle, the educator should be creative enough so as to plan fun, interesting but yet effective lessons. A wide variety of methods and short activities should be included. For instance, the tasks can range from more physical activities like signing and dancing to more relaxed ones such as listening to a story.

Another big issue to be considered is the fact that young pupils need to follow routines. When these ones are carefully established and taught, children know what is coming next. This is often comforting since they need stability to keep their stress level low, making the acquisition of input more likely to occur. Thus, having predictable patterns help educators to spend more time dealing with effective teaching. Established routines help students to focus on the various parts of the lesson, providing closure for one activity and preparing them to move on to the next.

Finally, songs are a valuable resource that teachers can make use of in…...

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