Unwrapping Standard Five

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Unwrapping the Standards: Standard Five
Mary Erickson, Melissa Fox, Michael Frueh, and Cheryl Heatley
Grand Canyon University: EDA 534
February 15, 2012

Unwrapping the Standards: Standard Five Standard #5: (Integrity) A school administrator is an education leader who promotes the success of all students by acting with integrity, fairness, and in an ethical manner. | Knowledge | Skills | Enduring Understanding | Essential Questions | Administrators will know…. | Administrator will be able to…. | Administrators will understand that… | | the purpose of educational programs and accountability for academic success in the school | use data to guide instruction so that it is focused on helping all students (ISLLC 2008: 5A) | The administrator is seen as the “first citizen” by the school community. The administrator must adhere to the morals and values set by the school and community both personally and professionally. | How can you use the data to help guild your instruction, so that all students are successful? What issues will you encounter that may impact the success of your students? | | | | | how to demonstrate a personal and professional code of ethics | respect the rights of others with regard to confidentiality, dignity, and engage in honest interactions (ISLLC 2008: 5B) | | As an administrator, how do you align your decision to develop a professional personal code of ethics? How will you know the community has built a trusting relationship with you? | | | | |

how to develop a culture of diverse staff members that promotes the value of all individuals | express the value of diversity in the school and ensure that all students have an education (ISLLC 2008: 5C) | | How will you, as an administrator, build a school community that is diverse? |

the consequences associated…...

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