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Effective Communication Paper 1

Effective Communication Paper

Effective Communication Paper 2

The techniques that Elmhurst Memorial Hospital uses for their employees are the intranet. If we need any updates we either get it through our e-mail or we can look at the hospital website. I think this is a good way to communicate with the employees to an extent. The hospital should host more open forums for their employees to learn about the happenings and going on with the hospital, especially now that we have built a whole new hospital. I work at an offsite and we do not get much updates directed to us we get it by word of mouth. This is a very ineffective way to communicate, many patients always ask us if we are moving when the new hospital opens, we never know what to say to them because we have no idea. My manager also does not keep us up to date about what is going on and I think that is not a good way to run an office. We have not had a staff meeting in over a year, we finally had one last week and he did not want it to run more than an hour. How is that communicating with your staff we had a lot of stuff to discuss with him and he seemed to not want to be bothered with it. I have asked two years ago if we could get an insurance reference book so that we pick the right codes for the insurances and to make the billing go more smoothly, still no reference book. I think it is very sad that he does not take an initiative to make sure we are included in what is going on.
As for using the intranet that information is never updated if it gets updated it usually takes a couple of months and it is old news by the time we get it. With everything going on with the new hospital you would think the communication would be a lot better but it is not. We are always changing the systems we use or updating something and then it never works the way it should,…...

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